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European trends

In this age of transformation into the digital age. We are analyzing the progress in Europe, not the conflicts, but instead the trends, innovation, and what is around the next corner of the development.

Watching all the nuances of Europe transforming into the digital age through a kaleidoscope the IBIAm, InteraQtive Business Intelligence Analytics Model. From which the trend reports are produced and a Trend Indicator will be available for registered users. The focus is directed on some of the core entities of development in Europe, the cities and regions, and the EU, as well as innovation in general.

European trends from an EU, innovation, regional, and city perspective are a deliberate choice in order to start with the main engines of European development. In this way, the Europeans and Europe are analyzed from a trend perspective. But, what about the nations then? The answer is that it is they who mainly throw sand in the development often only because of their own hegemonic ambitions. Thus, it is not a level to analyze European trends from, but they function more as obstacles and resistance to Europe’s common development potential.

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