European trend review 1: What most attracts tourists to choosing a destination

European trend review 1: What most attracts tourists to choosing a destination


European trend review 1: What most attracts tourists to choosing a destination European trends from an EU, innovation, regional and city perspective are a deliberate choice in order to start with the main engines of European development. In this way, the Europeans and Europe are analyzed from a trend perspective. But, what about the nations then? The answer is that it is they who mainly throw sand in the development often only because of their own hegemonic ambitions. Thus, it is not a level to analyze European trends from, but they function more as obstacles and resistance to Europe’s common development potential.

In the following week’s trend reviews, much focus will be directed on the forthcoming European Parliament election.

Below is a trend review based on research from the University of Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. With a focus on what attracts tourists most in the choice of travel destination. Twelve of Europe’s most popular destinations form the foundation of the research. The author of the study, Sara Vinyals, works for Communication, Advertising & Society Research Group of the Department of Communication.

What determines the choice of destination for tourists?

A destination’s competitiveness to attract tourists is basically based on its ability to communicate its brand and its content. This includes its ability to create and integrate added value into products and services based on its history and present. In order to annex a unique niche in the market. Focus can be on culture, architecture, gastronomy, infrastructure, landscape, events, shopping and so on. From these ideas, Sara Vinyals has studied twelve of the most popular urban destinations in Europe. Where the result of the study was published in the Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, the online version and is part of the ITOURIST research project.

Crucial for the choice of holiday package for tourists

The research material consisted of the following cities’ official tourist information offices website information. The cities included in the analysis were London, Paris, Istanbul, Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam, Milan, Rome, Vienna, Prague, Munich, Madrid and Frankfurt. The most crucial elements for attracting tourists to choosing a particular destination are cultural attractions and gastronomy, according to the study. While the strategies to highlight their originality are related to history, specific local attractions and proximity to other holiday destinations.

The results of the study serve as a good guide to shaping tourist agencies and other travel companies’ marketing strategies.

Source: Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona